Funny Fueling
Give your Jeep 4.0L a shot of nitrous

Nitrous oxide makes power. Science guys will tell you it provides great amounts of oxygen to the engine so it can burn even more fuel. More fuel and more oxygen equal more power. Forget every horror story you have ever heard about nitrous oxide. Yeah, the ones that your buddy told you about, with the hole in the piston and all. Most nitrous related engine failures are due to improper jet sizes, which leads to a lean condition (not enough fuel) The days of guessing which jets and pressure are right for what and hoping you have the correct mixture are over. Python Injection has brought nitrous systems into the 2000s with the computer controlled Venom VCN-1000. For the most part the systyem utilizes existing signals from your factory computers and sensors to make sure everything is working properly. If for whatever reason a lean condition does occur, the VCN-1000 will shut down the nitrous to prevent damage to your engine. The whole shebang is controlled by a simple display and switch. The display allows you to monitor the air/fuel mixture and make sure the system is functioning properly. To use the VCN-1000 you crank on the tank, flip the switch to enable, and you're ready to burn through mud, speed up hills, or race your buddy down the track. The system will only allow nitrous and extra fuel to flow when the gas pedal is at full throttle. Simple and dummy-proof, just like the install. If you can put a stereo and speakers in your Jeep you will have noproblem with the Python Injection Venom VCN-1000 kit. The main components include a 10 pound tank and mounting brackets, the computer, stainless lines, the actuation solenoid, and the controller and wiring. The kit comes with a complete instruction manual but here are some tips to help you, along with some dyno runs we made at Python Injection on a Dynojet 248-H102 so you can see what you get.

Nitrous Reminders

  • Never use nitrous below 2,000 rpm.
  • Only use nitrous in 15-20 second bursts.
  • Bleed the system when not in use by loosening the stainless line with the tank valve off or make another pass with the tank off. This will not hurt your engine with the VCN-1000.
  • Purge the system before using the nitrous. This can be done by adding another solenoed and switch so it can be done manually. Or you can made a test pass with the system on so the lines are purged. You will not get the full effect of the nitrous during the test pass. This will not hurt your ingine with the VCN-1000.


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